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Our staff

Education Queensland email addresses are listed below for administration and teaching staff.  Staff may be contacted for school related purposes only on the emails provided.
Staff Email Directory
Toni Robinson
Andrew Burgess
Deputy Principal
Rachael Anstee
Jodi Fillingame
Deputy Principal
Deputy Principal
 Skye Lawrence
Sharna Gordon
Curriculum Coordinators
Afrodite Totten
Head of Personalised Learning
Edwina Ashe
Sally Martin
Leanne Giacomini
Suzanne Richards
Specialist Teachers
Sandra Downey
Specialist Teacher
Marg Haebich
Pedagogy Coach
 Kirsten Geraghty
Rachael Kennedy
Speech Patholigist
Speech Pathologist
Tyler Purvis-Smith
Luke Wharton
Specialist Teacher -
H.P.E and Science
Specialist Teacher-
H.P.E and Science
Megan Corfield
Tanya Mason
Kylie Krick
Reuben McLean
Jessica Kesting 
Andrew Stubbs
Marlene Campbell
  Todd Chamberlain
Guidance Officer
School Chaplain
Ashleigh Hines
Performing Arts
Ashleigh Paige
 Narelle Watt
 Prep Yellow
Prep Yellow
Annette Markwey
Prep Red
Donna Hombsch
Prep Purple
Anne Willis
Prep Blue
Lisa Bazzo
Prep 1 Orange
Brianna Rankin
Prep Green
Margaret Whale
 Judie Bennett 
1 Green
1 Green
Vivienne Conaghan
1 Blue
Mia Watts
1 Yellow
 Jennie Key  
2 Yellow 
Alecia Pengilly
2 Blue
Katrina Quirke
2 Red
Matt Tengdahl
 2 Green
Kim Carlton
2 Purple
Janene Coleman
3 Purple
Amy Baker
3 Green
Amy Stockbridge
Marg Haebich
3 Red
 3 Red 
Joce O'Shannassy
Sharna Gordon
3 Blue
 3 Blue
Kim Baker
 3 Yellow
Leigh Ludwig
Reanna Thorley
4 Blue
4 Blue
Kirralee Stevens
4 Yellow
Kim Halavatau
4 Red
Deb Healey
4 Green
 Laura Glancy 
5 Yellow
Skye Lawrence
Michelle Russo
5 Green
5 Green
Daniel King
5 Red
Stacey Sampson
 Timm Hayer
5 Blue
5 Blue
David Sinton
6 Yellow
Esmae Berryman
Tash Kinninmomt 
6 Blue
6 Blue
Nutana Donaldson
6 Red
Matt Gordon
6 Purple
Kier Baker
6 Green